ceADvisory, Inc is a data and advertising technology company based in Nashville, Tennessee. It is the parent company to two principle brands, CEA Data Services and AdCritter.

CEA Data Services

CEA Data Services is a premier provider of B2B and B2G ad targeting technologies. It serves Fortune 500 clients, with a particular focus on Defense, Finance, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries. Learn more at CEAdata.com.


AdCritter is a programmatic advertising platform for small agencies and marketing departments. It simplifies the complex world of programmatic ad buying and makes it accessible to everyone. Learn more at AdCritter.com.

Credible Exchange

The "ce" in ceADvisory stands for Credible Exchange. Advertising technology has long been plagued by technological smoke and mirrors, needless middle men and incumbent-serving complexity.

Our foundational mission is to build advertising technology that is credible. It does what it claims, clearly and effectively. In all circumstances, it facilitates the credible exchange of advertising services without distortion or hyperbole.

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