Instructional Meritocracy

in ·struc ·tion ·al   mer ·i ·toc ·ra ·cy  n.  (2014) : A system in which the best instruction is advanced based on its own merit rather than the position or rank of the instructor.

CEadvisory promotes transparency in the quality of professional Continuing Education through the use of peer-review platforms. Our sites allow professionals to find, rate and review any CE course within their profession.

Certified Public Accountants can find, rate and review any CPE course from any online vendor, all in one place. We also work with state-level CPA societies, usually by embedding our search, rate and review tools directly on their websites.

Attorneys can use our searchable database of available CLE in the United States. Our search engine allows lawyers to find CLE that is relevant to their practice.

Medical Professionals can search for Continuing Medical Education in any category. Our search engine allows physicians, nurses and other medical professionals to discover the CME they need.

Other Professions

CEadvisory will eventually include most licensed professions: Architects, Chiropractors, Dentists, Psychologists, Realtors, Pharmacists, Insurance Agents, Teachers, Bankers, Engineers, Paralegals, Social Workers and so on…

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